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The Third Annual Free Thinking Film Festival will run between November 1 - 4, 2012 and will feature:

- Four Big Evening Events.
- Four Days of films, speakers and panel discussions.
- Free Thinking Alley – visit our friends & neighbours.
- Books, DVDs, & lots of great stuff to buy!
- Have some fine food and drink at day events...
- Opportunities to sit back and make new friends...

This page is to buy a Saturday pass - and will enable you to enter any event on Saturday night, including the major event on Saturday night. 

Here are the Saturday events:

Why Is It Hate, 11:00, Room A

Martin Gladstone's documentary on why Queers Against Israeli Apartheid bring a message of hate to Toronto Gay Pride.

The Invisible Men, 12:00 PM, Room A

A look at the plight of gay Palestinians who have to find refuge in Israel.

Free China, 12:00 PM, Room 156

A look at brave individuals fighting for freedom of conscience in China.

The Way Back, 12:30 PM, Main Auditorium

A first-run film about prisoners who escape from the Soviet gulag and walk 4,000 miles to freedom.

Freedom's Fury, 1:15 PM, Room 156

A look at the 1956 'blood in the water' polo match between the Soviet Union and Hungary.

The Red Chapel, 1:30 PM, Room A

A Danish-Korean comedy team go to North Korea to put on a show and expose the horrors of the regime.

Dracula's Shadow:  The True Story of the Romanian Revolution, 3:00 PM, Main Auditorium

Film and speaker

The Politics of Food/Silent Spring at 50, 3:30 PM, Room A

Professor Pierre Desrochers presents on two of his books - one on food and one on a new look at Rachel Carson.

Support System Down, 5:15 PM, Room 156

The family court system continually works against the interests of fathers.

Education Under Fire, 6:00 PM, Room A

The Ba'hai in Iran are prevented from receiving higher education.

The Rescuers, 7:00 PM, Main Auditorium

Historian Martin Gilbert teams up with a survivor of the Rwandan genocide to talk with diplomats who saved Jews during WWII.



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